When you feel overwhelmed, one of the most powerful things that can help is having someone you can talk to and that will offer practical support as you work through your circumstances. When facing the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy, our professional, trained staff and volunteers listen to your concerns, provide guidance, and answer your questions. The goal of our mentors is to create a confidential, safe, environment filled with compassion, dignity, respect, truth, and encouragement.

Will my mentor understand?

Many of our staff and volunteers have experienced an unexpected pregnancy themselves or had someone close to them have one. They needed someone to walk with them or had someone who was there for them. Now, they want to ensure you do not feel alone, you are informed, you are empowered, and you realize how strong you really are.

Who can participate in the mentoring program?

Only individuals who qualify as a client can be considered for our mentoring programs.

  • Women who are unexpectedly pregnant and consulted with our female advocates qualify to join the group mentoring/incentive program or an individual mentoring/incentive program.
  • Anyone who received services at the clinic within the past 6 months and wants to receive one on one mentoring will be eligible for our individual mentoring program.
  • Men who are supporting a partner who is unexpectedly pregnant and became our client after consulting with our male advocates qualify to join the group mentoring/incentive program or an individual mentoring/incentive program.

What can I expect if I participate in the mentoring program?

1st Steps Clinic mentoring programs are based on the needs and schedule of an individual. There are two types of programs offered:

  • Group Mentoring/Incentive Program – This is a predesigned program that covers a vary of different topics from pregnancy to parenthood and requires a periodic group meeting. Clients who are pregnant qualify to join this program and earn points to shop our mommy/baby closet.
  • Individual Mentoring – This is a customizable program that is developed with a mentor and can cover a wide array of topics. The number of visits to meet with your mentor is determined upfront and is usually conducted on a bi-weekly basis. Extension of services past one year is dependent upon the needs of the client and assessment of the mentor/staff.

What content is used for the mentoring programs?

We use a video-streaming service called BrightCourse to guide our mentoring programs. The lessons are evidence-based, easy to understand, relatable and entertaining to watch.

The program is FREE, and session covers topics most helpful to our client(s). New and experienced parents are eligible to participate.

We are here to support and walk with you! If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, our mentors would love to connect with you. To get connected with a mentor, make an appointment today!