Did you know there are several health benefits of pregnancy and carrying a baby to term?!

There can be such a negative narrative about the impact of pregnancy on our bodies, and the reality is, while there are many changes our bodies will go through while pregnant, there are also, several pregnancy health benefits that could positively impact your body, long after you deliver your baby. Here’s three of those pregnancy benefits…

1. Easier Periods
Many women experience more manageable periods after childbirth. Say hello to less cramps! As stated by FemmPro, an OBGYN in New York, “During childbirth, some of the prostaglandin receptor sites in your uterus are eliminated. These receptors play a role in causing serious menstrual cramps — when they become less plentiful, you get less discomfort with your monthly flow.” [1]

2. Lower Risk of Some Cancers
Women who have been pregnant may experience a decreased chance of being affected by certain types of cancer, such as breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer. This is because tumor cells can divide and increase when there is more exposure to estrogen and progesterone in your body.

Those hormones become more prevalent in your body when you ovulate. And since you don’t ovulate when you’re pregnant, the chances of exposure to estrogen and progesterone decreases. [2]

Plus if you decide to breastfeed, that can also reduce your risk of having breast cancer. Studies show that breast cells undergo certain changes in the breastfeeding process that makes them more resistant to transforming into cancer cells. [3]

3. A Happier You
Oxytocin is the hormone that produces a warm and fuzzy feeling, and it is typically increased with physical touch, specifically of the nurturing kind – like holding and caring for your new baby. So as it turns out all those baby snuggles are scientifically proven to make you a happier version of yourself. [3]

Now don’t get stressed out if you don’t feel warm and fuzzy all the time. While motherhood has its joys, we all know it is a challenging job too. We’re here for you if you need to talk anytime! You are not alone!

Of course, all of these encouraging facts are generalizations based on women’s experiences, but with every generalization comes outliers. To sum it up, there are many health benefits of being pregnant and delivering a baby.

And the majority of these benefits last well-beyond your pregnancy. That being said, if you need someone to talk to about any concerns you may have. We’re here for you. Schedule your free appointment today


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