What is a Semi-Open Adoption?

Semi-Open Adoption: A semi-open adoption falls somewhere in between an open and closed adoption. Normally, semi-open adoptions have less direct communication between birth parents and adoptive parents. Although medical records are shared, no identifying information is shared. In semi-open adoptions, an adoption professional mediates between birth parents and adoptive parents. Like open adoptions, the birth parents have a lot of say in what their wishes are for potential adoptive parents. 

What You Need to Know:  Like open adoptions, no 2 semi-adoptions are the same. They can change over time. It gives you the freedom to be flexible on contact as it may change over time as you become more comfortable with the adoptive family/birth parent relationship. This is the most common type of adoption plan made. The exchange of information post adoption is done through a third-party agency or attorney. This creates a more formal style of on-going involvement and can provide space for the times at which a birth parent may want less information or involvement about their child. A semi-open adoption can become an open adoption should both parties be open to the arrangement. All of this, and more, should be discussed in making your adoption plan.

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