Blended families are very common today. They are when two individuals come together and one or both have children. Learning how to live together as one family unit can be a unique experience. The good news is the successful stories of blended families are plentiful!  The resources to help both parents and the children navigate this successfully will be important.


What should you do?

  • Communicate with your partner about your child and their needs.  
  • Communicate with your child the benefits of having “more people to love them” by adding additional members to the family.  
  • Reinforce to the children that nothing changes in your love or attention for them.  
  • Continue to invest into the biological parent child relationship so they don’t feel forgotten or overlooked. This will save you hours of time down the road trying to undo bad behavior that “seems to be coming from nowhere”. 

Remember blended families offer an increase in the opportunity for love and security. They can be successfully done!


Nuclear Families

A nuclear family is when both the biological mother and father are living in the same house raising their children and doing life together. Traditionally they are married, but not always. If a nuclear family is healthy, it can provide a consistent home environment, structure, increased focus on education, and a general overall increase in the economic stability of the home. This makes sense as there are two adults working together for a common goal with shared resources.

The number of nuclear families has been on a decline. Twenty years ago, 48% of families were a nuclear family. According to the most recent census, that number has dropped to 40%.

The best family for a child is the healthy family. it is possible for you to have a healthy family in all the parenting structures mentioned. 

Whatever your situation is, parenting and family styles are unique to each person. You will be able to find many resources as you embark on this adventure of parenting. 

If you do not know where to start, as our client, we can provide you with referrals from our directory network which includes classes, social services and even places you can go for material assistance.  

We realize this pregnancy is likely unexpected, but you can do it. 

Reach out. Do not do this alone. 

If the idea of parenting is still overwhelming to you, even after learning about the assistance available to you, but you still want to see your child thrive, you may want to consider an adoption. Either way you go, parenting or adoption are both great ways to see the life inside of you come to its fullest potential and you be involved at the level that is right for you. 

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