Why 1st Steps Clinic?

1st Steps Clinic is a licensed, non-profit, faith-based, medical clinic. We offer safe, professional, compassion, clean and confidential limited medical services for individuals and families facing an unexpected pregnancy. Our services and programs are provided at no cost and does not require insurance.

Our clinic serves the MSU campus, Golden Triangle, and its surrounding area. Our medical staff and volunteers are committed to providing you with accurate evidence-based information on all options regarding your unexpected pregnancy, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. We do not benefit financially from any choice you make. We strive to empower you with all the information you deserve and need when it comes to your health.

We are dedicated to serving everyone regardless of age, race, gender, income, or religious affiliation.

What Makes Us Medical?

1st Steps Clinic has been providing medical services in Starkville, Mississippi since 2013. Our medical services are provided under the direction of the state of Mississippi. We have licensed medical professionals on staff consisting of two Registers Nurses with one holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Our clinic staff has 34 years of combined experience in the medical field.

Guided by an excellent standard of care, we provide accurate, scientifically backed, evidence-based information during our medical consultations. Our medical services include lab-quality urine pregnancy testing, state-of-the-art limited obstetrical ultrasounds, medically evidenced patient education, and community referrals for assistance. All of this is overseen by our Medical Director, who is a licensed physician by the state of Mississippi. Additionally, we have a Medical Advisory Board, all physicians licensed by the state of Mississippi, who provides additional professional medical expertise to our clinic. Over 1576 ultrasounds have been performed and 1569 pregnancy tests conducted since we opened.

Limited obstetrical ultrasounds are performed by our registered nurses (RNs) who have been trained and receive annual re-assessment for proficiency in limited obstetrical ultrasonography conducted by a licensed Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). All in accordance with guidelines from the Mississippi State Board of Nursing and American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). According to guidelines, each nurse performs at least 100 ultrasounds. Additionally, continued education for our medical professional are completed as required by the State of Mississippi.

1st Steps Clinic is guided by a “Commitment to Care and Competence” that outlines our commitment to authenticity and respect for our patients. This is evidenced by our voluntary compliance with the highest standards for the protection of our patient’s privacy, protected health and personal information.